The BGI will be a new national agency that promotes the cultural, creative and economic impact of UK games. This new charity will have 4 objectives:

  1. To encourage the development of the art, science and technology of games throughout the UK;
  2. To research and promote games’ impact on and reflection of British culture;
  3. To gather and share the artistic, technical and commercial expertise in games production;
  4. To promote and increase diversity and inclusion in the UK games sector.

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The BGI will provide long term solutions to 4 intractable problems:

  • Finance: Tackle the finance gap which makes go-to-market and growth funding inaccessible to most games companies by providing loans for diverse cultural games, encouraging games studios to create new IP, attracting new investors into games and triggering an economic multiplier effect.
  • Culture: Bridge the culture gap in which games are under-recognised as a cultural force by researching British games culture, funding festivals and non-digital cultural projects.
  • Skills: Counter the skills gap in which games companies struggle to keep pace with the latest production and distribution techniques by funding universities to gather best practice techniques from the sector, upskill studios via blended online training and advocate apprenticeships.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Counter under-representation of women, BAME, disabled, older, LGBTQ and religious people in the workforce by designing diversity into the BGI’s finance, culture and skills programmes, and researching and championing diversity across the sector.

Why BGI?: A new national agency for games will provide an industry-led, long term strategic vision for the UK games sector, coordinate and amplify multiple existing initiatives, develop independent sources of data and mature the games eco-system, working alongside the trade bodies.